Ceramic Heat Shield - HS-50

This coating repels the heat and keeps the outside of parts such as heads, cylinders and motorcycle pipes cool. The Harley-Davidson head and cylinder on the right were coated with Hog Black Texture Powder, and the combustion chamber, valves, and exhaust port are coated with our exclusive HS-50 ceramic coating. This coating repels the heat back into the chamber where it is needed to make the power. The same coating can be used on piston tops. This creates a thermal barrier and is designed to keep the heat out of the piston and reflect it back into the chamber.


Because the piston and head are manufactured of aluminum, both act as a heat-sink, absorbing heat from the combustion cycle, causing the piston to expand at a much greater rate than the cylinder and resulting in the loss of piston-to-wall clearance and could even seize the piston.


We also have many choices of ceramic coatings for exhaust pipes. Many colors are available for whatever look you are trying to achieve. For those who prefer black exhaust pipes, we also have a wonderful ceramic black coating. We have semi-gloss and gloss , and as with all of our ceramic coatings, is extremely durable and will withstand 1800 degrees of heat. With all of these exciting coating options, it makes sense to choose H. M. Elliott, Inc. for all of your coating needs for your engine or custom bike project.