At H.M. Elliott we put our customers first and foremost, we pride ourselves on our excellent customer service and knowledge in custom precision coatings. 


JB-1 is an extreme performance coating for piston skirts that can be applied in layers to offer different clearance options. This coating is designed when extreme heat, load, and wear resistance is needed.

We created this formulation for engines where the bearings undergo high temperature and high load. We have tested this new coating extensively on the NHRA drag racing circuit in Top Fuel, Funny Car, and Pro Stock engines.

Thermal Dispersant coatings have thermal conductive properties that help transfer thermal energy more efficiently, when applied to the ideal parts (such as radiators or brake Systems) will help them run as much as 20 percent cooler!

Ceramic Head Shield coatings repel heat and keeps the outside of parts  such as heads, cylinders and motorcycles pipes cool. The coating repels the heat back into the chamber where it is needed to make the power. 

Tests showed that grade (8) eight fastener will add 200 hours of protection, than a lower grade fastener. Lower grade fasteners with less carbon and chrome will not support the load of torque without having material around the hex area move or transfer.

Phosphate coatings are especially effective where it is desirable to reduce friction, galling, and scoring on ferrous surfaces. Phosphate coatings reduces wear and is lubricative, which facilitates break-in of bearing surfaces.

The most common lubricating element in our custom precision coatings is polytetrafluouroethylene, or PTFE. Only PTFE offers the lowest coefficient of friction, is stable, and effective throughout a wide temperature range, and is inert to chemical attack. 

Bearings are not the only part that will benefit from being coated with HM-30. Crankshafts, pistons, and other engine parts also perform better when coated. The HM-30 coating reduces friction, provides a more durable surface, and reduces wear.