What is a Thermal Dispersant Coating?

HM Elliott now offers a new thermal dispersant coating application that helps reduce high operating temperatures caused by EPA emissions-compliant diesel engines and dozens of other applications. Engineered to act as a thermal barrier while simultaneously dispersing heat across the entire surface of the part and limiting isolated high temperature pockets, HM Elliott's coating application can result in up to a 25% reduction in operating temperature. These results have been tested and verified by collegiate representatives in their own experiments. As a result, the use of heat blankets can be limited, component durability is increased, and warranty issues are diminished. For the past couple years, HM Elliott has been providing solutions to diesel OEMs in response to emissions-requirement challenges, including the prevention of corrosion on internal components caused from the byproducts of recirculated exhaust gas.

(Example): Stock Car normally running 230 Degrees F water temperature can be reduced to 190 Degrees F (Add more tape for aero dynamic downforce)

(Example): Late Model/Vintage Automobile Radiators (Typically experience overheating problems/add coating reduce water temp)

This coating comes in 2 forms:

  • TD: Normal Thermal Conditions HD: Extreme Thermal Conditions 700 Degrees F and higher

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