Powdercoating Air Cleaners for Hot Rods

Powdercoating is so popular not just because of the cost but also because it's durable and reliable. A lot of the rat rod and hot rod customers we have are powdercoating their air cleaners to help protect them against the elements and road wear. This coating is beneficial especially if you have an open air cleaner to the elements like a Model T coupe.

So how do we make an ordinary air cleaner into something spectacular? First, we take off any coatings on the air cleaner and dirt, dust, etc. We then thoroughly clean the air cleaner and being the powdercoating process. After the powdercoat has been sprayed on, the air cleaner goes into the oven to bake. Once completed, we place the air cleaner in a sterile environment.

Adding this coating will help ensure your vehicle stands out from the crowd at your car show or cruise-in. It will be the talk of the town and everyone will have their eyes on your vehicle.

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