REM Polishing Benefits

REM Polishing is notorious for decreasing drag and friction while improving the life of rotating assembly products including transmission gears, rear-end gears and more. Now some people will say, why not just coat them with something else rather than REM Polish? Well actually the REM Polishing process creates a beautiful finish while cleaning off any imperfections on products making them much more durable and reliable.

What is the process of REM Polishing you ask? Well it’s really a simple two-step process. Step one is when the product has a small one-micron sized film applied to the surface then is placed inside a special vibrating tub. The film is then physically removed from the product in the vibration tub. Over time the peaks are removed from the product which creates a smoother surface all over the product.

The second step is known as the burnish process which means a mild alkaline mixture is introduced. After just a few short minutes, a polished chrome-like finish is produced on the product. This process removes all of the film from step one during the refining process.

REM polishing reduces friction, vibration and noise by decreasing drag and friction which in-turn improves the life of the products due to less stress, wear, and tear. With decreased drag and friction, more power can be put to the wheels of the vehicle creating more speed. Also, with less friction you have lower lubricant temperatures which leads to longer lasting products.

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