Benefits of powdercoating rims?

The powder is made of small resin and pigment particles. During applications, these small particles require electroplating services that is sprayed on to the metal to coat it. Since the powder carries a charge and the metal is grounded, it adheres to the surface. It is often heated to fuse the finish to the metal, which results in a durable smooth finish. The end result is a high-quality smooth finish that not only looks great, but also protects the metal.

Powdercoating is a popular finish in the US and more than 10% of all finished metal uses this applications. Powdercoating is so popular because it lasts a long time and is economical, which makes it an ideal choice for vehicle rims. A wide variety of colors are available to choose from for the final piece. The coating is durable because it resists fading, scratching, chipping and other signs of wear.

Powdercoating is used on door handles, wheels, bumpers, car accents, filters, engine components, truck beds and much more. A clear powdercoat can also be used to protect the finished on vehicle parts.

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