Dry Film Lubricants

Most dry film lubricants contain compounds such as PTFE (Teflon), molybdenum disulfide or tungsten disulfide typically in a binder with water or a solvent. These compounds are formulated to provide the most surface lubricity which protects against fiction, galling and wear. Dry films that contain moly as their ingredient are known for fluid retention which means they hold oil on the surface of the product that is coated. Then under extreme pressure, the coating prevents the oil film from being squeezed out from between the parts. The coating provides an extra layer of insurance if the oil film is lost which cuts down on internal engine failure. It helps to prevent metal to metal friction typically associated with extreme pressure or a cold start.

These coatings are mostly used on engine bearings, journals, piston skirts, intake/exhaust valve stems, valve springs, pushrods, lifters, rocker arms and cam lobes for added protection.

We have heard stories of engine builders and racers who utilize our dry film lubricants that go a handful of laps after losing oil pressure with little to no internal engine damage.

With that said, please known these coatings won’t last indefinitely but they do help to protect critical engine parts if oil pressure is momentarily lost. Engine builders in the top levels of motorsports including NASCAR and NHRA utilize our coatings for their critical engine products along with World of Outlaws, Lucas Oil Dirt Model Series and hundreds of others.

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