Teflon Coating:

The most common lubrucating element in our custom precision coatings is polytetrafluouroethylene, or PTFE. Only PTFE offers the lowest coefficient of friction, is stable and effective throughout a wide temperature range, and is inert to chemical attack. Because of it's low surface tension, PTFE is an excellent release agent. It is even approproved for use in food contact applications. Other effective lubricating elements include fluorinated ethylene propylene, or EFP, and perfluoroalkoxy, or PFA. Both offer excellent non-stick and non-wetting characteristics and outstanding abrasion resistance. Coating materials are suspended in a compatible carrier such as solvent or water, so that they may be applied using conventional painting techniques.

The result is a thin, continuous barrier of protective film that will resist chipping, spalling, abrasion, cold flow, temperature extremes, weathering, and a broad range of corrosive environments.

Typical Benefits and Applications:

  • Friction and wear resistance - Machine parts and components, automotive parts and components, compressors

  • Eliminate wear - Sliding mechanisms

  • Superior release - Molds, forms & other equipment requiring non-stick properties

  • Chemical resistance - Valves, pump components, knife gates, rubber pinch valves

  • Corrosion resistance - Fasteners, flanges, machine parts

Teflon Coating Video

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