"I got my 450 tranny back together and running good as new, we had it back on the track again this weekend. WOW, WOW, WOW!!! What a total difference in the shifting, the heading to my note says it all "Smooth as butter". I let my buddy ride it and all he could say was "Chris, this bike is amazing and I think it has more horsepower too." We appreciate your hard work and service, I will be recommending your services to others for sure."
"H. M. Elliott, Inc. has coated a few sets of exhaust manifolds and turbocharger turbine housings for us, with excellent results!"

Keith Soffa

"Thanks to all at H. M. Elliott, Inc. Coatings, we won 2 championships in theTORC: The Off Road Championship Series in both Pro 2 and Pro 4 this year with Cj Greaves. Another year that the coatings on the bearings held up with no issues. Thanks for all of the excellent workmanship and all of your support."

~ Mike at Golden Shamrock Enterprises