Thermal Dispersion Coatings

TD coatings are designed to help dissipate heat, and are typically used on the following components:

  • Radiators

  • Oil Coolers & Tanks

  • Brake Systems

TD coatings have thermal conductive properties that help transfer thermal energy more efficiently, when applied to the ideal parts (such as Radiators or Brake Systems) will help them run as much as 20 percent cooler!

(Example): Stock Car normally running 230 Degrees F water temperature can be reduced to 190 Degrees F (Add more tape for aero dynamic downforce)

(Example): Late Model/Vintage Automobile Radiators (Typically experience overheating problems/add coating reduce water temp)

This coating comes in 2 forms:

  • TD: Normal Thermal Conditions
    HD: Extreme Thermal Conditions 700 Degrees F and higher